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Building design
1. architectural or building design, form; architectural or structural engineering; landscape architecture or gardening; architectonics. See building.
2. (architectural styles)
a. Byzantine, Romanesque, Egyptian, Hellenic, Greco-Roman, Palladian, Greek, Moorish, Norman.
b. Elizabethan, Queen Anne, Regency, Tudor, perpendicular, Jacobean, baroque; high, decorated, rococo or flamboyant Gothic; Renaissance, mannerism, classical, eclectic.
c. early English, Victorian, churrigueresque, Directoire, Palladian; Colonial, Georgian; Egyptian, Gothic, Greek Revival.
d. Chicago style, Bauhaus; Art Deco, Moderne or Nouveau; neo-Gothic, neoclassical; Prairie; brutalist, postmodern, International.
3. (classical architectural ornaments) molding, relief, reticulation, sarcophagus, abacus, capital, dosseret, echinus, crown, caryatid, chapiter, scotia, base, torus, dado, filigree, groin, grotesque, imbrication, fillet, finial, tracery, fluting, architrave, metope, entablature, entasis, extrados, baldacchino; gargoyle; archivolt; corbel, cymatium, acanthus, anthemion, capstone, bezant, boss, foliation, ballflower, trefoil, triglyph, bas-relief; annulet, stringcourse; chigi; egg and dart.
4. (classical architectural elements) stereobate; apse, bay, arcade, impost, pier, shaft, pilaster, pillar, intrados, keystone, lintel, quoin, plinth, summer, arch, triumphal arch, springer, voussoir, squinch, skewback, soffit, spandrel, barrel or fan vault, facade, gable, atrium, attic, [flying] buttress, canopy, cantilever, cloister, stylobate, colonnade; cupola, pediment, tympanum, pendentive, peristyle; cusp, supercilium, cornice, frieze, dentil, corona; lunette; crossette; console; Byzantine, Composite, Corinthian, Doric, Gothic, Ionic, Moorish, Romanesque, or Tuscan column, engaged column, telamon; portico, loggia, narthex, transept, nave, spire, steeple, westwork; niche, tabernacle; pantheon, oculus; minaret; pylon, tholos; ziggurat; gopuram, stupa, torii; vomitory.
5. (construction terms) modular construction, modular unit, prefab; platform frame, post-and-beam construction; basement, sump, slab, foundation; subfloor; attic; backfill, foundation; fascia; balloon frame; baseboard, dry wall, nonbearing wall, [load-]bearing wall, knee wall, breast wall, retaining wall, sandwich wall, curtain wall, blocking; landing; crawlspace; casement window, double-glazed window, double-hung window; central heating, radiant heating; columniation, fenestration, crenellation; fixture; blueprint, floor plan, maquette, mockup, mechanical drawing, working drawing, drafting, elevation, perspective, section, rise, plat, grade; orientation; water table; dead weight, live load, kip; building codes.
6. architect; urban planner, urbanologist; designer; builder, [sub]contractor.
Verbs — architect, design; build.
Adjectives — architectural.
Quotations — Form ever follows function (Louis Sullivan), Architecture in general is frozen music (Friedrich von Schelling), Architecture is the art of how to waste space (Philip Johnson), Architecture begins where engineering ends (Walter Gropius), Architecture is... life itself taking form (Frank Lloyd Wright), Architecture is inhabited sculpture (Constantin Brancusi), In my experience, if you have to keep the lavatory door shut by extending your left leg, it's modern architecture (Nancy Banks-Smith).
Related categories, building, form, temple, abode.
(Roget's IV) n.
Syn. construction, planning, design, building, structure, architectonics, ecclesiology, house-building, shipbuilding, bridge-building, environmental engineering.
Styles of architecture include --- Classic: Ionian, Doric, Corinthian, Alexandrian, Greek, Egyptian, Etruscan, Roman; Romanesque: Norman, Rhenish; Gothic: Transitional, Lancet, Decorated, Flamboyant, Perpendicular; Renaissance: Italian, Jacobean. Elizabethan, Ch?teaux, English Classic, German Late; Pseudo-Classic: Rococo, Baroque, Georgian, Wren, Louis XIV; Recent: Pseudo-Gothic, Empire, Victorian, Colonial, Cape Cod, Georgian, Federal, Factory, Modernistic, Functional, Bauhaus, setback, skyscraper, Frank Lloyd Wright, Le Corbusier, Mies van der Rohe, futuristic; misc.: Mayan, Malayan, Hindu, Chinese, Japanese, Byzantine, Saracenic, Moresque.
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus) n.
drafting, designing, building design. ''The flowering of geometry.''—Ralph Waldo Emerson. ''Frozen music.''—Johann Goethe.
borrowed style of motherland: colonial British and American highly ornamental
style of nineteenth century: Victorian
classical Greek and Roman forms revived: Greek Revival, neoclassical, Renaissance
classical orders of Hellenic Greece and Imperial Rome: Corinthian, Doric, Ionic, Tuscan, Composite
domes, round arches and columns of early Greece: Byzantine
eighteenth-century style derived from classical, Renaissance and Baroque: Georgian elaborately decorative European style from
1550-1700s: baroque exposed beams style of sixteenth century Britain: Tudor
florid ornamentation, eighteenth-century France: rococo
French Gothic form with flaming tracery, fifteenth century: flamboyant style
futuristic chevron and zigzag style of the 1930s: art deco
Gothic revived: Gothic Revival
Italian, classically derived, fourteenth through sixteenth centuries: Renaissance
Mediterranean style characterized by horseshoe arches, domes, tunnel vaults, geometrical ornaments: Islamic style
pointed arches, rib vaulting, flying buttresses, twelfth through fifteenth centuries: Gothic style
retro style: revival
Spanish, eleventh-fourteenth centuries’ style featuring elaborate stucco work and Arabesque designs: Moorish

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